Gluten-free Options



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    Jaclyn Higgs

    My son attends Oakland School for the Arts and is Gluten Free. Do you anticipate adding Gluten Free options to your menu any time soon?


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    Annie Box

    Hi, will you be offering any gluten free options this coming school year?  My son (and I) are gluten free, he attends Meridian and I am a teacher there.  It would be helpful!  Thank you. :)

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    Sarah McNutt

    Hi - I also have two gluten free/dairy free children attending Meridian. We would love to buy lunches if you added some that meet these needs. Thanks!

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    Megan Chapman

    Our school just signed up for your services for the coming school year. I have a child with celiac disease and would love it if you provided gluten free meals free of cross contamination risk.

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    Johanna Nicosia

    There are increasingly more and more children who suffer from celiac disease.  It would be very wise to provide gluten free, Non GMO ORGANIC food options.  Your company delivers to my son's school.  I would LOVE to be a part of a company that is concerned about GMO's in our children's food source.  I pack his lunch because you do not provide Gluten free options, organic and Non GMO foods.

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